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Lawrence, David Herbert. Lady Chatterley's lover- Russian translation ISBN 9785699463916 Delete36.95 36.95
Dreiser, Theodore Herman Albert. Sister Carrie- Russian translation ISBN 9785699455270 Delete39.95 39.95
Sheldon, Sidney. A stranger in the mirror- Russian translation ISBN 9785170432707 Delete36.95 36.95
Sagan, Françoise. Wonderful clouds (Orig. French title: Les merveilleux nuages)- Russian translation ISBN 9785699387892 Delete39.00 39.00
Rubina, Dina. Sindrom Petrushki ISBN 9785699456116 Delete39.95 39.95
Fowles, John. The magus- Russian translation ISBN 9785699467181 Delete39.95 39.95
George, Elizabeth. A traitor to memory- Russian translation ISBN 9785699291823 Delete40.95 40.95
Meyer, Stephanie. Breaking dawn- Russian translation ISBN 9785170584680 Delete39.95 39.95
Verne, Jules. Dr. Ox's experiment (Orig. French title: Une fantaisie du Docteur Ox)- Russian translation ISBN 9785699433124 Delete39.95 39.95
Rubina, Dina. Ljubka ISBN 9785699397082 Delete39.95 39.95
Serova, Marina. Begushhaja po golovam ISBN 9785699328550 Delete39.95 39.95
Brown, Dan. Angels and demons- Russian translation ISBN 9785170280797 Delete38.95 38.95
Sagan, Françoise. Evasion (Orig. French title: Les faux-fuyants)- Russian translation ISBN 9785699400775 Delete39.95 39.95
Läckberg, Camilla. The gallows bird (Orig. Swedish title: Olycksfageln)- Russian translation ISBN 9785699464883 Delete39.95 39.95
Cousins, Lucy. Maisy's Concert (bilingual - English Delete54.50 54.50
Doskocilova, Hana. Little Mole and the winter (Krtek a zima) (board book) (in Japanese) ISBN: 9784032100808 Delete22.95 22.95
Carroll, Lewis. Alice in Wonderland (in Japanese) ISBN: 9784102401019 Delete22.20 22.20
Carle, Eric. Do You Want To Be My Friend? (hb) (in Japanese) ISBN: 9784032024302 Delete33.50 33.50
Akiko Hayashi. Amy and Ken Visit Grandma (hb) (in Japanese) ISBN: 9784834008302 Delete38.95 38.95
Ende, Michael. The Dream Eater (Das Traumfresserchen) (hb) (in Japanese) ISBN: 9784034251607 Delete38.95 38.95
Ayano Imai. Puss and Boots (hb) (in Japanese) ISBN: 9784776404149 Delete44.40 44.40
Foley, Greg. Don't Worry Bear (hb) (in Japanese) ISBN: 9784838719273 Delete55.50 55.50
Bond, Michael. Paddington Takes the Air (in Japanese) ISBN: 9784834022193 Delete22.50 22.50
Gannett, Ruth Stiles. The Dragons of Blueland (hb) (in Japanese) ISBN: 9784834000498 Delete33.50 33.50
Gomi, Taro (ŒÜ–¡+‘¾˜Y). Bus Stops (hb) (in Japanese) ISBN: 9784032044102 Delete24.95 24.95
Etsuko Dobashi. A Nursery Song To Go With Hands Play (hb) (in Japanese) ISBN: 9784834023374 Delete24.95 24.95
Casalis, Anna. Topo Tip non fa la nanna CD ISBN: 9788809765818 Delete25.95 25.95
Carle, Eric. Dalla testa ai piedi ISBN: 9788887169829 Delete39.95 39.95
Bruna, Dick. The Egg (hb) (in Japanese) ISBN: 9784834000283 Delete27.95 27.95
Disney. Peter Pan (board book) (in Japanese) ISBN: 9784061861602 Delete29.95 29.95
Bruna, Dick. Queen Miffy (hb) (in Japanese) ISBN: 9784834024531 Delete24.50 24.50
Chihiro Ishizu, Koji Yamamura. Viva, Vegetables! (hb) (in Japanese) ISBN: 9784834025552 Delete33.50 33.50
Akiko Hayashi. Toddle, My Shoes! (hb) (in Japanese) ISBN: 9784834006827 Delete27.95 27.95
Grimm, Brothers; ill. Eroll Le Cain. Thorn Rose (hb) (in Japanese) ISBN: 9784593500550 Delete33.95 33.95

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