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[826-PC] Spinal Stabilization (Computer)

Price: 125.00

[931046954] Gray Cook: Applying the FMS Model

Price: 129.00

[PHS005] Hanging Ab Straps

Price: 26.95

[980-PC] Plyometric, Stabilization and Advanced Functional Exercise Kit (Computer)

Price: 125.00

[9781492504696] Pilates Anatomy Poster Series

Price: 26.95

5 Sessions with Ben Moorer

Price: 340.00

[ARR660] 28" Curl Bar (with rubber grips)

Price: 35.95

5 Sessions with Zach Schluender

Price: 340.00

[9781450477673] Physiology of Sport and Exercise

Price: 115.00

[ALB048] 48" Lat Bar

Price: 44.95

[AKM200] Nylon Stirrup Handle (with welded O ring)

Price: 15.95

[T-19DRC] Digital Grip Tester

Price: 365.00

[ASC001] Olympic Spring Collars (pair)

Price: 9.95

[ATR700] Triceps Rope (with rubber ends)

Price: 29.95

[9781492504603] Bodyweight Strength Training Poster: Upper Body

Price: 14.95

[AD-860X] Inflation System

Price: 35.00

[A-S1XLBK] Accusplit Survivor Economy Stopwatch

Price: 14.95

[EAW550] Ab Wheel

Price: 14.95

[612-L] Advanced Pilates Mat Poster (Laminated)

Price: 24.95

[ALS040] Leather Lifting Straps (pair)

Price: 14.95

[9780736045018] The Personal Trainer's Handbook

Price: 48.00

[ACT630] Double Handled Triangle with Ergo Handles

Price: 29.00

[EXRX-CD] ExRx.net on CD-ROM

Price: 59.95

[940-PC] Oral Sensory and Motor Treatment Kit (Computer)

Price: 118.00

[0054] Goniometer

Price: 21.95

[810-PC] Manual Therapy Kit (Computer)

Price: 146.00

[9780736054836] Norms for Fitness Performance and Health

Price: 36.00

[AD-720] American Diagnostic Phrosphyg

Price: 49.95

[930-PC] Early Development Kit (Computer)

Price: 97.00

[AD-760] American Diagnostic Phrosphyg

Price: 33.00

[941-PC] Wheelchair Kit (Computer)

Price: 61.00

[9781450497916] Conditioning Young Athletes

Price: 23.95

[805-PC] Orthopedic Exercise and Rehabilitation Prescription Kit (Computer)

Price: 167.00

[SBS025] 25 lbs Filler Bag

Price: 13.95

Consultation with Jordan Joy

Price: 85.00

[9781492504672] Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy Poster Series

Price: 37.95

[H-349KLX] Health-O-Meter Digital Scale

Price: 219.95

[AD-6012] Semi-Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

Price: 39.95

[9781450429290] Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy

Price: 21.95

[922-PC] Tubing Kit (Computer)

Price: 92.00

[9780880117982] Testing Your Flexibility Poster

Price: 14.95

[0736059342] Shoulders Poster

Price: 14.95

[9781450411172] Fitness Professionals Handbook

Price: 84.00

[927-PC] Medicine Ball Kit (Computer)

Price: 49.00

[921-PC] Body Mechanics Resource Library Kit (Computer)

Price: 57.00

[KPE102] Pedometer and Exercise Timer

Price: 19.95

[DI3717] InTENSity Twin Stim III TENS and EMS Combo

Price: 44.95

(420DVD) VHI Functional Assessment DVD Set

Price: 99.00

[915-PC] Occupational Therapy Kit (Computer)

Price: 115.00


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