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Product Quantity Price Amount
BRAC16-D Pearl Stretch Bracelet (Style D) Delete3.59 3.59
BRAC6-C Crystal Catseye and Rhinestone Bracelet (Style C) Delete4.59 4.59
BRAC16-E Pearl Stretch Bracelet (Style E) Delete3.59 3.59
BRAC16-H Pearl Stretch Bracelet (Style H) Delete3.59 3.59
BRAC16-B Pearl Stretch Bracelet (Style B) Delete3.59 3.59
BRAC15-D Shell Disk Bead Bracelet (Style D) Delete4.59 4.59
1999-1707-A Long Shell Bracelet (Style A) Delete4.59 4.59
BRAC15-B Shell Disk Bead Bracelet (Style B) Delete4.59 4.59
BRAC8-F Crystal and Rhinestone Bracelet (Style F) Delete4.59 4.59
BRAC5-A Woven Crystal Beaded Bracelet (Style A) Delete4.59 4.59
BRAC16-K Pearl Stretch Bracelet (Style K) Delete3.59 3.59
BRAC5-D Woven Crystal Beaded Bracelet (Style D) Delete4.59 4.59
BRAC6-E Crystal Catseye and Rhinestone Bracelet (Style E) Delete4.59 4.59
BRAC15-E Shell Disk Bead Bracelet (Style E) Delete4.59 4.59
BRAC5-F Woven Crystal Beaded Bracelet (Style F) Delete4.59 4.59
BRAC8-E Crystal and Rhinestone Bracelet (Style E) Delete4.59 4.59
BRAC8-C Crystal and Rhinestone Bracelet (Style C) Delete4.59 4.59
BRAC8-D Crystal and Rhinestone Bracelet (Style D) Delete4.59 4.59
BRAC6-D Crystal Catseye and Rhinestone Bracelet (Style D) Delete4.59 4.59
1960-81 Chinese Friendship Bracelet Delete3.59 3.59
1999-1707-D Long Shell Bracelet (Style D) Delete4.59 4.59
1941-E 6MM Alpha Bead (Pkg/30) Letter E Delete0.99 0.99
1941-W 6MM Alpha Bead (Pkg/30) Letter W Delete0.99 0.99
1941-Q 6MM Alpha Bead (Pkg/30) Letter Q Delete0.99 0.99
1941-G 6MM Alpha Bead (Pkg/30) Letter G Delete0.99 0.99
1941-Y 6MM Alpha Bead (Pkg/30) Letter Y Delete0.99 0.99
1941-S 6MM Alpha Bead (Pkg/30) Letter S Delete0.99 0.99
1941-A 6MM Alpha Bead (Pkg/30) Letter A Delete0.99 0.99
1941-C 6MM Alpha Bead (Pkg/30) Letter C Delete0.99 0.99
1941-U 6MM Alpha Bead (Pkg/30) Letter U Delete0.99 0.99
1940-62 12 MM Basketball Bead (Pkg/12) Delete0.99 0.99
1941-P 6MM Alpha Bead (Pkg/30) Letter P Delete0.99 0.99
1940-61 12 MM Baseball Bead (Pkg/12) Delete0.99 0.99
1941-N 6MM Alpha Bead (Pkg/30) Letter N Delete0.99 0.99
1941-K 6MM Alpha Bead (Pkg/30) Letter K Delete0.99 0.99
1941-V 6MM Alpha Bead (Pkg/30) Letter V Delete0.99 0.99
1941-D 6MM Alpha Bead (Pkg/30) Letter D Delete0.99 0.99
1941-J 6MM Alpha Bead (Pkg/30) Letter J Delete0.99 0.99
1940-60 12 MM Soccer Ball Bead (Pkg/12) Delete0.99 0.99
1941-M 6MM Alpha Bead (Pkg/30) Letter M Delete0.99 0.99

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Shipping 7.95

TOTAL 117.15

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