Vintage Cub Cadet Parts

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Clutch Control cable PN/ 746-0506 USE 946-0506 Update Delete20.00 20.00
Control cable PN/ 746-0912 USE 946-0912 Update Delete14.50 14.50
Throttle Control cable wire PN/ 746-0503 USE 946-0503 Update Delete11.00 11.00
Control cable PN/ 746-0550 USE 946-0550 39 inch Update Delete12.00 12.00
Throttle Control cable wire PN/ 746-0642 USE 946-0671A 52 inch Update Delete8.00 8.00
Throttle Control cable PN/ 746-0842 USE 946-0671A Update Delete8.00 8.00
Clutch Control cable PN/ 746-0400 46 inch Update Delete28.00 28.00
Control cable PN/ 746-0556 746-0557 USE 946-0557 47 inch Update Delete15.00 15.00
Throttle Control cable wire PN/ 746-0630 746-0630A USE 946-0630A 39 inch Update Delete14.75 14.75
Throttle Control cable wire PN/ 746-0673 USE 946-1115 Update Delete15.50 15.50
Clutch Control cable PN/ 746-0406 49 inch Update Delete28.00 28.00
Clutch Control cable PN/ 746-0509 USE 946-0926 Update Delete21.00 21.00
Throttle Control cable PN/ 746-0674A USE 946-0674A 60 inch Update Delete10.00 10.00
Control cable PN/ 746-0553 USE 946-0553 36 inch Update Delete13.50 13.50
Throttle Control cable wire PN/ 746-0672 USE 946-0674A 58 inch Update Delete10.00 10.00
MTD Troy-Bilt Clutch Control cable PN/ 746-0463A Update Delete14.00 14.00
Clutch Control cable PN/ 746-0466 Update Delete11.00 11.00
Clutch Control cable PN/ 746-0405A USE 946-0405 Update Delete38.00 38.00
Throttle Control cable PN/ 746-0841 USE 946-0674A 60 inch Update Delete10.00 10.00
Drive Clutch Control cable PN/ 746-0464 USE 746-0464A 59 inch Update Delete20.00 20.00
Speed Control cable PN/ 746-0710A USE 946-0710A Update Delete20.00 20.00
MTD Control cable PN/ 746-0478A USE 946-0478A Update Delete23.00 23.00
MTD Clutch Control cable PN/ 746-0404 51 inch Update Delete18.00 18.00
Control cable PN/ 746-0477A USE 946-0477A Update Delete18.00 18.00
NOS Kohler piston (.020) Oversize W/ Rings PN/ IH-61587-C91 KH-45-074-64 USE KH-45-874-04 Update Delete180.00 180.00
NOS OEM Kohler piston (.STD) pin, keepers PN/ KH-A-235611 USE KH-47-874-01 Update Delete160.00 160.00
NOS OEM Kohler piston (STD.) W/ Rings, pin, keepers PN/ KH 41-874-10 Update Delete140.00 140.00
NOS Kohler piston (.010) Oversize W/ Rings PN/ IH-61586-C91 45-074-63 USE KH-45-874-03 Update Delete210.00 210.00
NOS Kohler Rod, Rings, Piston (.STD) pin, keepers, bolts, washers kit Includes PN/ KH-A-235611 USE KH-47-874-01, KH-47-067-11, KH-47-018-01, KH-235287 140.00 Update Delete0.00 0.00
NOS Touch control system Cylinder block gasket and seal ring package PN/ IH-360713-R91 and IH-360713-R92 Update Delete65.00 65.00
NOS Case IH distributor gear kit PN/ IH-353902-R1 IH-531461-R91 Update Delete70.00 70.00
NOS OEM CLUTCH release bearing retainer assembly PH/ IH-117244-C1 117244 C1 Update Delete22.00 22.00
IH - 154 185 Lo-Boy NOS Instrument Dash Panel Assembly PN/ IH-549998-R2 Update Delete140.00 140.00

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