Vintage Cub Cadet Parts

Product Quantity Price Amount
CASE/IH AKCELA Low Ash Engine Oil- One Gallon PN/ 139037A1 Update Delete34.00 34.00
NOS Belt IH-140024-C1 Update Delete30.00 30.00
Cub Cadet Kohler Oil Filter PN/ KH-52-050-02 USE KH-52-050-02-S Update Delete9.50 9.50
NOS Belt IH-527621-R1 Update Delete18.00 18.00
NOS Belt IH-144409-C1 USE 954-3001 Update Delete40.00 40.00
XXXXXXXXXXX Update Delete0.00 0.00
Kohler .010 rings set PN/ KH-232576 Update Delete68.00 68.00
NOS Kohler Engine .010 Connecting Rod PN/ KH-47-059-04 USE KH-235991 50.00 Update Delete0.00 0.00
NOS Kohler Engine STANDARD Connecting Rod PN/ IH-61583-C91 KH-45-067-01 USE KH 45-067-22 Update Delete90.00 90.00
Hytran Ultratraction Hydrostatic and Gear drive rear end fluid. One Gallon PN/ 139 029 A2 Update Delete32.00 32.00
NOS Blade Spindle Assembly PN/ 02000920 02000920A 02000920P USE 918-05132 Update Delete190.00 190.00
Spindle replacement kit PN/ 717-0906 717-0906A 917-0906 USE 753-05319 Update Delete71.00 71.00
Yellow Spray Paint P/N 759-3258 Update Delete17.00 17.00
Danco UD-6 Creeper Main shifter fork PN/ IH-475629-R1 Update Delete90.00 90.00
Cub Cadet Creeper Shift Handle O-Ring PN/721-3008 Update Delete2.00 2.00
Marvel Mystery Oil Update Delete9.00 9.00
Cub Cadet hydraulic transmission fluid - One Quart PN/ 737-3025 Update Delete7.00 7.00
Case IH 935 White Paint in Qt. P/N 759-3264 991116R1 for S/N's 375939-756299 Update Delete31.00 31.00
Yellow Spray Paint P/N 759-3940 Update Delete17.00 17.00
Cub Cadet Chassis Gloss Black Spray Paint P/N759-3262 Update Delete0.00 0.00
NOS Kohler .010 Connecting Rod PN/ KH B-220111 Update Delete40.00 40.00
Red Paint in Qt P/N 759-3265 Update Delete34.00 34.00
NOS Belt IH-481099-R2 Update Delete28.00 28.00
NOS Belt IH-464351-R1 Update Delete12.00 12.00
Case IH Gray Primer P/N CNH B91253N Update Delete16.00 16.00
Spindle Assembly W/pulley PN/ 759-3295 USE 959-3295 Update Delete203.00 203.00
Spindle Assembly W/O pulley PN/ IH-80415-C91 USE 754-3484 959-3484 Update Delete172.00 172.00
NOS Kohler Engine STANDARD Connecting Rod PN/ 47 067 11 USE KH-47-067-11 OR KH-47-067-11-S Update Delete104.00 104.00
Case IH Federal Yellow Paint in Qt. P/N 759-3263 991084R2LF Update Delete31.00 31.00
NOS Spindle Assembly W/ pulley PN/ IH-144391-C91 759-3000 USE 959-3000 Update Delete200.00 200.00
Mower Deck Spindle Assembly PN/ 618-04394 or 918-04394 USE 918-04426 Update Delete94.00 94.00
Original Cub Cadet Low Ash Engine Oil- One Quart PN/ 737-3029 Update Delete8.00 8.00
NOS Kohler Engine STANDARD Connecting Rod PN/ KH-47-067-13 Update Delete78.00 78.00
White Spray Paint P/N 759-3259 Update Delete17.00 17.00
Yellow Paint in Qt P/N 759-3263 Update Delete34.00 34.00
NOS .010 Kohler Standard Connecting Rod PN/ KH-41-067-11 Update Delete84.00 84.00
NOS Belt IH-487044-R1 USE IH-62235-C1 Update Delete25.00 25.00
Cub Cadet Creeper Shift Lever O-Ring PN/721-3012 Update Delete1.50 1.50
NOS Danco UD-6 Creeper Drive double Step Gear 24 and 40 ToothPN/ IH-475617-R1 Update Delete175.00 175.00
Mower Deck Spindle Assembly PN/ 618-04394 or 918-04394 USE 918-04426 Update Delete68.00 68.00
NOS Belts IH-527382-R91 Update Delete65.00 65.00
Red Spray Paint P/N 759-3260 Update Delete17.00 17.00
NOS Belt IH-487046-R1 Update Delete45.00 45.00
NOS Belt IH-1254788-C1 Update Delete40.00 40.00
NOS Belt IH-492102-R1 Update Delete80.00 80.00
NOS .010 Kohler Connecting Rod PN/ C-235518, A-235139-10, 47 067 04 aka KH-47-067-04 Update Delete84.00 84.00
XXXXXXXX Update Delete0.00 0.00
Clip on plastic pour spout Fits quart and one gallon containers Set of TWO Update Delete0.50 0.50
Cub Cadet OEM Hydrostat Oil Filter PN/ 723-3014 USE 923-3014 Update Delete14.00 14.00

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