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DC13958 Folk Dances For Children Primer 1 to Standard 1 with dance directions 30.00 30.00
DC16375 Rhythm in the Heavens An Autobiography Ram Gopal 20.00 20.00
HC21506 The Fitzwilliam Virginal Book 1 25.00 25.00
HC21521 My Ladye Nevells Booke of Virginal Music 25.00 25.00
HC21505 Elizabeth Rogers Hir Virginall Booke 25.00 25.00
HC17807 Henry Purcell Keyboard Works 20.00 20.00
P4928 Sancan: Suite Fantasque 15.00 15.00
HC21555 The Fitzwilliam Virginal Book 2 25.00 25.00
AR21284 Dictionary of American Underworld Lingo 25.00 25.00
LG21589 Research Methodology in Second-Language Acquisition Tarone Gass Cohen ISBN 0805814248 30.00 30.00
LG22109 Latin Prose Composition Gould Whiteley 20.00 20.00
LG14105 Dictionary of Braille Music Signs Bettye Krolick 1979 edition Large Print ISBN 084440277X 30.00 30.00
LG24973 Dictionary Of Australasian Signs For Communication With The Deaf 1982 revised edition members of the Australian Sign Language Development Project edited Raymond C Jeanes Brian E Reynolds ISBN 0959883630 Victorian School For Deaf Children 25.00 25.00
LG22101 Teaching English as a Foreign Language For Dummies Michelle Maxom ISBN 9780470745762 30.00 30.00
LG12721 Hawaiian Dictionary ISBN 0824807030 10.00 10.00
LG21590 Understanding Second Language Acquisition Bernard Comrie Greville Corbett ISBN 9780340905593 20.00 20.00
H7523 The Oxford Dictionary Of Classical Myth And Religion 10.00 10.00
LG2444 Communicative Codes in Central Java ISBN 087727116X 10.00 10.00
LG10731 Cassell Dictionary of Slang 10.00 10.00
LG15767 The American Language 3 Volumes 50.00 50.00
AGG23814 The Traveller's Guide To The Goldfields History And Natural Heritage Trails Through Central And Western Victoria ISBN 0975602330 40.00 40.00
AGG18712 The Fortune Hunters Frank Clune First Edition 1957 20.00 20.00
GGA24075 Australia's Most Scenic Drives Readers Digest 2007 ISBN 9781921077890 30.00 30.00
GG18920 Historic Houses of Australia 25.00 25.00
AGG18918 Reader's Digest Book Of Historic Australian Towns ISBN 0864492715 25.00 25.00
AGG24024 The Water Walk A Users Guide To The Far North Coast Water Cycle And The Rous Water Walk At Emigrant Creek Dam ISBN 9780975799727 30.00 30.00
AGG23343 Kakadu National Park Australia Steve Parish Natural History Guide Ian Morris ISBN 1875932402 20.00 20.00
AGG18400 Reader's Digest Guide To The Australian Coast Robert Pullan ISBN 0909486972 30.00 30.00
AGG23546 Roaming In Australia's National Parks 250 Parks And Reserves Detailed Ian Read 2005 ISBN 1863152407 30.00 30.00
AGG18684 Reader's Digest Wild Australia A Recreational Guide To All Our National Parks ISBN 09498198 25.00 25.00
AGG21297 Explore Wild Australia with the Bush Tucker Man ISBN 0670879142 20.00 20.00
GGA15474 Australia 1:250000 Map Series Gazetteer ISBN 0642005486 130.00 130.00
GGA15302 All About Bridges Department of Main Roads Sydney 25.00 25.00
SP23511 Flies Their Origin Natural History Tying Hooks Patterns and Selections of Dry and Wet Flies Nymphs Streamers Salmon Flies for Fresh and Salt Water in North America and the British Isles Including a Dictionary of 2200 Patterns J Edson Leonard The Sportsman's Library ISBN 0498081079 20.00 20.00
SP25011 Fun In Cubbing A Book For Nine Year Old Cubs (The Scout Association of Australia) 1972 ISBN 0725501191X 15.00 15.00
SP23503 Tying And Fishing The Terrestrials Loring D Wilson First Edition 1978 ISBN 049802069X 25.00 25.00
SP24137 The Melbourne Cup 1861-2000 Maurice Cavanough Rhett Kirkwood Brian Meldrum Book/CD ISBN 1863503773 30.00 30.00
SP23501 Complete Book of Fly Fishing Joe Brookes Second Edition 1976 68-309391 40.00 40.00
SP24138 Joe Weider's Bodybuilding System By Joe Weider ISBN 0945797001 35.00 35.00
SP24070 15 Days In '56 The First Australian Olympics Bruce Howard ISBN 0207187061 20.00 20.00
SP22890 Wushu Among Chinese Moslems China Sports Series 2 China Sports Magazine First Edition 1984 25.00 25.00
SP20882 The Life Story of Les Darcy Late Middleweight Champion of World From Blacksmith's Apprentice ... to World's Greatest Middleweight Francis J Ferry 80.00 80.00
SP23501 Fast Swimming Fish Kurrewa Frank and John Livingston Rod Meynink Signed Copy ISBN 1740184009 25.00 25.00
SP25009 Camping For Scouts And Others Norman Johnson Reprint 2nd Ed 1971 15.00 15.00
SP23500 Fly Tying And Fly Fishing for Bass And Panfish Tom Nixon Second Edition Revised 1977 ISBN 0498018261 60.00 60.00
SP24068 The Olympic Games Melbourne 1956 A Colorgravure Publication Souvenir Book 25.00 25.00
SP24847 Xing Yi Quan Xue The Study Of Form-Mind Boxing Sun Lu Tang translated Albert Liu edited Dan Miller ISBN 0865681856 30.00 30.00
SP25010 Now You Are A Cub A Book For Eight Year Old Cubs (The Scout Association of Australia) 1972 ISBN 0725501820 15.00 15.00
TR23228 Graded Lip and Tongue Trainers for Brass Instruments Cornet or Trumpet Graded Lip Trainers Grade 3 First Chair Men Richard Shuebruk W1621 20.00 20.00
TR21155 Tunes and Studies For The Trumpet Book 1 Bram Wiggins 10.00 10.00
TR24744 Harold Mitchell's Warm-Ups For Brass Instruments 20.00 20.00
TR24368 Arban's Cornet Method Complete Edition Jean Baptiste Arban translated Ernest Ruch edited John FitzGerald 30.00 30.00
TR24745 Daily Drills And Technical Studies For Trumpet Max Schlossberg 20.00 20.00
TR24958 Bravo! Trumpet Carol Barratt edited Colin Clague Trumpet Part Only ISMN M-060104893 5.00 5.00
TR23232 Trumpet Voluntary (Attributed to Henry Purcell) for Trumpet and Piano music score Jeremiah Clarke Roger Voisin 5.00 5.00
TR24838 Gran Metodo Teorico Pratico Progressivo per Cornetta a Cilindri e Congeneri Parte III (Great Method Theoretical Practical Progressive For Trumpet in Cylinder and Congeners) Part III Domenico Gatti (Alamiro Giampieri) 40.00 40.00
TR23520 500 Hymns For Instruments Book B for Trumpets Bb I, II, III and Bass Clarinet 20.00 20.00
TR23231 Latin American Album for Bb Trumpet(s) and Piano score only Edrich Siebert 5.00 5.00
TR24754 A Tune A Day For Trumpet or Cornet Book One C Paul Herfurth ISBN 0711915849 BM10264 5.00 5.00
TR23318 The Art of Brass Playing A Treatise on The Formation and Use of The Brass Player's EmbouchurePhilip Farkas 40.00 40.00
TR24836 Gran Metodo Teorico Pratico Progressivo per Cornetta a Cilindri e Congeneri Parte I (Great Method Theoretical Practical Progressive For Trumpet in Cylinder and Congeners) Part I Domenico Gatti (Alamiro Giampieri) 20.00 20.00
TR24037 Jazz Incorporated Volume 1 8 Solos For Winds With Piano Accompaniment (Trumpet/Clarinet/Tenor Sax) Kerin Bailey 10.00 10.00
TR21540 New Pieces For Trumpet and piano sheet music scores 20.00 20.00
TR23233 World's Favorite Series No.32 World's Favorite Intermediate Pieces Cornet Dan J Royal music scores for Cornet andPiano 14.00 14.00
TR23225 Embouchure and Mouthpiece Manual Vincent Bach 1979 edition 25.00 25.00
TR23233 World's Favorite Series No.22 World's Favorite Easy to Play Pieces for Cornet (Trumpet) Dan J Royal easy music scores for Cornet andPiano 14.00 14.00
TR24837 Gran Metodo Teorico Pratico Progressivo per Cornetta a Cilindri e Congeneri Parte II (Great Method Theoretical Practical Progressive For Trumpet in Cylinder and Congeners) Part II Domenico Gatti (Alamiro Giampieri) 25.00 25.00
GG8391 The Holy City A Camera Study Of Jerusalem And Its Surroundings Frank Hurley 25.00 25.00
GG15411 World Within A Borneo Story Tom Harrison 30.00 30.00

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