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4OT7789 Goodbye, Sue sheet music score 10.00 10.00
1OT17665 Just a Baby's Prayer At Twilight (For Her Daddy Over There) Sam M Lewis Joe Young M K Jerome 1918 WWI=sheet music score 10.00 10.00
MB12429 Music In The Baroque Era From Monteverdi To Bach Manfred F Bukofzer 15.00 15.00
MB16334 25 Years of Australian Opera 15.00 15.00
MB21645 Asian Music For Beginners Alan Bellhouse Second Edition used book 25.00 25.00
MB12877 All That Jazz! Jack Wheaton ISBN 0912675926 used book 25.00 25.00
MB20884 The Story of Miss Saigon Edward Behr Mark Steyn ISBN 1559701242 10.00 10.00
MB12939 Guide To Writing Collection Development Policies For Music Maple Morrow Shanton ISBN 0810838656 Music Library Association Technical Reports Series No.26 20.00 20.00
MB10997 The Gilbert and Sullivan Book 25.00 25.00
MB24720 French Song From Berlioz To Duparc The Origin And Development Of The Melodie Fritz Noske Rita Benton ISBN 0486221040 2nd Edition 1970 used book 20.00 20.00
MB15128 Classic Jazz A Personal View Of The Music And The Musicians Floyd Levin ISBN 0620213602 20.00 20.00
MB12651 The Chorister's Pocket Book 30.00 30.00
MB8272 Viva la Liberta 25.00 25.00
MB18674 Australian Rock 'n' Roll The First Wave Michael Sturma ISBN 0864173822 25.00 25.00
MB10506 The Musical Detectives Irene Gass R J McGregor Valerie Sweet 10.00 10.00
MB20323 Pipe Organs of Tasmania A Brief History Clark Johnson Revised Second Edition 1981 ISBN 095982491X 40.00 40.00
MB12657 The Unashamed Accompanist Gerald Moore 1944 20.00 20.00
MB20912 Australian Country Music David Latta Peter Brennan ISBN 0091825814 20.00 20.00
MB17764 Twentieth-Century Music 40.00 40.00
MB15130 Hard Bop Academy The Sidemen Of Art Blakey And The Jazz Messengers Alan Goldsher ISBN 0634037935 30.00 30.00
MB22840 A Band in a Waistcoat Pocket The Story of the Harmonica in Australia Ray Grieve ISBN 0868194476 15.00 15.00
MB8564 Hi-Fi Stereo Servicing Guide Robert G Middleton 1970 ISBN 0572007426 used book 25.00 25.00
MB10738 Your Name's on the Door 10 Years Of Australian Music Tracee Hutchison ISBN 0733301150 20.00 20.00
MB13982 At The Mighty Organ Geoffrey Wyatt ISBN 0902280228 used book 20.00 20.00
MB24816 Historical Anthology Of Music Volume Two Baroque, Rococo And Pre-Classical Music Archibald T Davidson Willi Apel ISBN 0674393015 25.00 25.00
MB21644 Rock Music Styles A History 35.00 35.00
MB12953 Perfect Beat Vol 1 No. 1 20.00 20.00
MB15724 Music History From Primary Sources A Guide to The Moldenhauer Archives (The Rosaleen Moldenhauer Memorial) edited Jon Newsom Alfred Mann ISBN 0844409871 60.00 60.00
MB10515 A D'Oyly Carte Album A Pictorial Record Of The Gilbert And Sullivan Operas Roger Wood 18.00 18.00
H22878 The Horse in West African History The Role of the Horse in the Societies of Pre-Colonial West Africa Robin Law ISBN 0197242065 90.00 90.00
H11385 The Bells Shall Ring An Account of The Chime Bells of Grace Cathedral San Francisco and How The Boyhood Dreams of Dr. Nathanaiel T Coulson At Last Came True Rosa Lee Baldwin 1940 40.00 40.00
H15726 The Cross-Hazelbank District A Survey of Seventy Years 1875 to 1945 Charles F Hoy 1946 40.00 40.00
H10322 Ontario's Niagara Parks A History Ronald L Way 1946 30.00 30.00
H8304 Shaka's Children A History Of The Zulu People Stephen Taylor ISBN 0002551446 25.00 25.00
H16284 From The Gracchi to Nero 14.00 14.00
H001215 Caesar Christian Meier 22.00 22.00
H14696 The Tomb Of Tutankhamen Howard Carter 5.00 5.00
H23618 Chimneys In The Clouds An Overview Of Many Of The Historic Buildings In The KwaZulu-Natal Midlands (1845-1925) D N Dorning Alex Bundock New Edition 2007 20.00 20.00
H17678 From The Silent Earth A Report On The Greek Bronze Age Joseph Alsop 10.00 10.00
H20887 Old Xi'an Evening Glow of an Imperial City Jia Pingao ISBN 7119027875 30.00 30.00
H24120 Quarter Sessions Your Ancestor And The Law A McLaughlin Guide Eve McLaughlin 1st Edition 1995 25.00 25.00
H8710 William Caxton (1424-1491) Henry R Plomer 30.00 30.00
H22110 Vindolanda A Roman Frontier Post on Hadrian's Wall Robin Birley ISBN 0500390142 18.00 18.00
H11261 Nansen And The Frozen North With Reminicences Of Arctic Exploration John Black 1897 65.00 65.00
H23342 FitzRoy The Remarkable Story of Darwin's Captain and The Invention of The Weather Forecast Gribbin ISBN 0755312902 25.00 25.00
H15141 The Marriage of Likeness Same-Sex Unions In Pre-Modern Europe John Boswell ISBN 0002555085 30.00 30.00
H24119 Simple Latin For Family Historians A McLaughlin Guide Eve McLaughlin 5th Edition 1994 25.00 25.00
H21946 Ancient Rome Using Evidence Pamela Bradley ISBN 0713183284 40.00 40.00
H21225 The Great Wall The Extraordinary History of China's Wonder Of The World John Man ISBN 9780593055748 15.00 15.00
H16692 The History Of Britain In Africa From The Fifteenth Century To The Present John Hatch 20.00 20.00
H15773 Lost Paradise The Exploration of The Pacific Ian Cameron ISBN 0881622753 15.00 15.00
H11289 Uneasy Lies The Head John O'Hare 15.00 15.00
H11260 Men of Stamina The World's Great Men The Stamina Clothing Company Sydney 50.00 50.00
H21066 There Once Was a World A 900-Year Chronicle of The Shtel of Eishyshok 30.00 30.00
H23014 Lullingstone Roman Villa North-West Kent David S Neal ISBN 1850743568 10.00 10.00
H18807 Climate, History And The Modern World H H Lamb ISBN 0416334407 25.00 25.00
H17773 Money A History Jonathan Williams Joe Cribb Elizabeth Errington ISBN 0312212127 20.00 20.00
H11197 Before the Deluge Herbert Wendt 15.00 15.00
H24334 The Clan Gillean 1899 By The Rev. A MacLean Sinclair 1899 With Additional Changes, Corrections, And Notes Transcribed By David Robertson From Two Author's Copies (modern Reissue Edition) 50.00 50.00
H22897 The Black Death (Problems in European Civilization Series) Elizabeth A Lehfeldt ISBN 0618463429 30.00 30.00
LP11464 Kamahl Around the World vinyl LP record 20.00 20.00
LP20813 Joe Harnell Fly Me to the Moon vinyl LP record 20.00 20.00
LP11468 Jimmy Shand and his Band vinyl LP record 48.00 48.00
LP20815 Two Sides of Glen Campbell vinyl LP record 20.00 20.00

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