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RLSN8143 When I Stand In The Presence Mark Trammell Jerry Trammell shaped note 4-part sheet music score 5.00 5.00
FK10932 A Cynical Serenade (in C) Laurence Swinyard 1950 sheet music score 10.00 10.00
5OT17077 Everybody Loves a Lover piano sheet music score 10.00 10.00
SG0903 By The Waters of Minnetonka Cavanass Lieurance 1917 music score for Piano With Violin or Flute ad lib 15.00 15.00
RLSN8544 The Lord's Gonna Stand by Me Squire Parsons Jr. shaped note 4-part sheet music score 5.00 5.00
KB7392 The Beast Of Bettesthorne junior orchestra arrangement 10.00 10.00
9OT16329 Walking In Memphis Marc Cohn original 1990s sheet music score 8.00 8.00
PC5527 Schumann: Tema con Variazioni sul nome 'Abegg' Op.1 e 'Papillons' Op.2 piano sheet music score 5.00 5.00
DB24347 The Kiss Tango/Ricochet (Rick-o-shay) used double dance orchestration 10.00 10.00
PC14483 Smetana: Two Albumleaves 10.00 10.00
RLSN6511 The Filling Station April Anne Nye shaped note 4-part sheet music score 5.00 5.00
5OT12738 The Ties That Bind Ray Stanley Dale Fitzsimmons The Four Voices 1956 piano sheet music score 24.00 24.00
5OT3686 Skinnie Minnie Fishtail Vincent Fiorino Dennise Norwood 1954 piano sheet music score 10.00 10.00
G21359: Sub-tropical Australian Native Gardens by Australian Plants Society Far North Coast Group NSW Ltd ISBN 0646178814 30.00 30.00
RLSN8350 Let The Whole World Sing About Jesus Kirk Talley shaped note 4-part sheet music score 5.00 5.00
FK17892 The Paddy Reilly Songbook 15.00 15.00
5OT14529 Red River Rock piano sheet music score 10.00 10.00
6OT11549 Pepino The Italian Mouse piano sheet music score 15.00 15.00
5OT13228 True Love Cole Porter piano sheet music score 5.00 5.00
SG18060 Princess Of The Dawn Eric Coates Christopher Hassall lieder 1938 piano sheet music score 6.00 6.00
FK17505 On Top Of Old Smoky (Kentucky Mountain Folk Song) Howard Ross 1951 sheet music score 5.00 5.00
DB7947 The One Rose That's Left In My Heart/Swing is-Here to Sway double dance orchestration 10.00 10.00
6OT17111 I Like It Like That Chris Kenner The Dave Clark Five 1965 piano sheet music score 10.00 10.00
RLSN8331 Old Time Singing School Johnny Coe shaped note 4-part sheet music score 5.00 5.00
SBM21633 Judy Collins Anthology Trust Your Heart 25.00 25.00
SG0633 The Auld Nest (in Eb) Ernest Longstaffe 1922 sheet music score 5.00 5.00
SG2017 She Walks In Beauty Lord Byron Horace Keats 1939 piano sheet music score 5.00 5.00
RL13455 Scripture in Song Volume One Songs of Praise Gospel songbook 25.00 25.00
SG24646 The Virgin's Slumber Song (Maria Wiegenlied) for high voice Martin Boelitz Edward Teschemacher Max Reger Op.76 No.52 lieder sheet music score 5.00 5.00
5PP104ms Walk, Don't Run Johnny Smith 1958 piano sheet music score 10.00 10.00
PC24249 Carl Koelling: Rhapsodie Mignonne Op.410 piano sheet music score 8.00 8.00
5OT17532 Come Softly To Me piano sheet music score 10.00 10.00
RLSN6066 Sweet Hallelujahs Nancy Harmon shaped note 4-part sheet music score 5.00 5.00
AA21939: Our Living Stone Age Ion L Idriess First Edition 1963 120.00 120.00
SG16413 Spanish Gold Hugh Chesterman Howard Fisher 1924 piano sheet music score 18.00 18.00
PC21749B Chopin: Complete Works III Ballades for Piano piano sheet music scores 20.00 20.00
FK11607 Papaveri e Papere Rastelli-Panzeri Mascheroni 1952 sheet music score 10.00 10.00
PCL18109 Allan's Dance Album 13 10.00 10.00
KB21558 Opus Pocus 1 for School Orchestra 20.00 20.00
FK24386 The Piper From Over The Way in Bb Helen Taylor May H Brahe 1933 sheet music score 5.00 5.00
BD14926 Britten: Spring Symphony 20.00 20.00
RLSN8337 One In The Million David Cooley shaped note 4-part sheet music score 5.00 5.00
7OT22839 Three Times A Lady Lionel Ritchie The Commodores 1978 piano sheet music score 5.00 5.00
OG18423 Stuart Hamblen Gospel Songs 5.00 5.00
WMP24727 Prince Of Diggers A B Saunders 1919 Australian World War One piano sheet music score 24.00 24.00
MB11248 Royal Festival Hall The Official Record 80.00 80.00
MB16352 Moise et Pharaon Rossini Opera Festival 1997 Programme and Historical Information Guide 15.00 15.00
MB10573 Testament of Music 5.00 5.00
MB18674 Australian Rock 'n' Roll The First Wave Michael Sturma ISBN 0864173822 25.00 25.00
MB10738 Your Name's on the Door 10 Years Of Australian Music Tracee Hutchison ISBN 0733301150 20.00 20.00
MB17769 Early Recordings And Musical Style Changing Tastes In Instrumental Performance 1900-1950 Robert Philip ISBN 0521235286 70.00 70.00
MB13851 Symphonies and Other Orchestral Works 20.00 20.00
MB18003 Tchaikovsky The Ballet Suites 20.00 20.00
MB12941 Ghunyatu'l Munya The Earliest Persian Work On Indian Classical Music translated Shahab Sarmadee ISBN 8172111444 30.00 30.00
MB20912 Australian Country Music David Latta Peter Brennan ISBN 0091825814 20.00 20.00
MB24816 Historical Anthology Of Music Volume Two Baroque, Rococo And Pre-Classical Music Archibald T Davidson Willi Apel ISBN 0674393015 25.00 25.00
MB13982 At The Mighty Organ Geoffrey Wyatt ISBN 0902280228 used book 20.00 20.00
MB10515 A D'Oyly Carte Album A Pictorial Record Of The Gilbert And Sullivan Operas Roger Wood 18.00 18.00
MB15162 The Dictionary of Composers and Their Music 35.00 35.00
MB16336 The World of Musical Comedy 10.00 10.00
MB16791 The Sydney Eisteddfod Story 1933-1941 Jennie Rowley Lees ISBN 9780975748336 Signed Copy 30.00 30.00
MB7679 The World Of Rock 5.00 5.00
MB18004 Paul Simon Born at the Right Time Tour Programme 5.00 5.00
MB24720 French Song From Berlioz To Duparc The Origin And Development Of The Melodie Fritz Noske Rita Benton ISBN 0486221040 2nd Edition 1970 used book 20.00 20.00
MB15720 Highway 61 Revisited The Tangled Roots of American Jazz, Blues, Rock and Country Music Gene Santoro ISBN 0195154819 25.00 25.00
MB17767 Inside Early Music Conversations With Performers Bernard D Sherman ISBN 0195097084 20.00 20.00
MB10506 The Musical Detectives Irene Gass R J McGregor Valerie Sweet 10.00 10.00
MB22331 Woodford Folk Festival Retrospective A Journey Through The Eyes of Four Photographers Drysdale Batterbury Hallmond Williamson ISBN 0646430467 50.00 50.00
MB12940 Kpegisu A War Drum of The Ewe David Locke featuring Godwin Agbeli ISBN 0941677397 Performance in World Music Series No.8 25.00 25.00
MB12657 The Unashamed Accompanist Gerald Moore 1944 20.00 20.00
MB16742 Prelude To The Afternoon Of A Faun by Claude Debussy edited William W Austin Norton Critical Scores ISBN 0900277068 15.00 15.00
MB8564 Hi-Fi Stereo Servicing Guide Robert G Middleton 1970 ISBN 0572007426 used book 25.00 25.00
MB12877 All That Jazz! Jack Wheaton ISBN 0912675926 used book 25.00 25.00

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