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LG24973 Dictionary Of Australasian Signs For Communication With The Deaf 1982 revised edition Australian Sign Language Development Project Victorian School For Deaf Children ISBN 0959883630 Delete25.00 25.00
MB21645 Asian Music For Beginners Alan Bellhouse Second Edition used book Delete25.00 25.00
MB12912 The Tao Of Music Using Music To Change Your Life John M Ortiz ISBN 0717127265 Delete22.00 22.00
MB18674 Australian Rock 'n' Roll The First Wave Michael Sturma ISBN 0864173822 Delete25.00 25.00
LG14105 Dictionary of Braille Music Signs Bettye Krolick 1979 edition Large Print ISBN 084440277X Delete30.00 30.00
MB15720 Highway 61 Revisited The Tangled Roots of American Jazz, Blues, Rock and Country Music Gene Santoro ISBN 0195154819 Delete25.00 25.00
F2878 Lagger Martial for Flute and Piano Delete6.00 6.00
TR23520 500 Hymns For Instruments Book B for Trumpets Bb I, II, III and Bass Clarinet Delete20.00 20.00
MB17767 Inside Early Music Conversations With Performers Bernard D Sherman ISBN 0195097084 Delete20.00 20.00
MB24815 Historical Anthology Of Music Volume One Oriental, Medieval And Renaissance Music Archibald T Davidson Willi Apel Revised Edition ISBN 0674393007 Delete25.00 25.00
GG15412 In Borneo Jungles Among The Dyak Headhunters William Krohn First Edition Delete25.00 25.00
MB21442 New Structures In Jazz And Improvised Music Since 1960 Roger T Dean ISBN 0335098975 Delete50.00 50.00
MB10946 The Third Ear On Listening To The World Joachim-Ernst Berendt ISBN 1852300493 Delete50.00 50.00
MB13847 Arranged By Nelson Riddle The Definitive Study of Arranging By America's No.1 Composer, Arranger and Conductor Nelson Riddle used book Delete15.00 15.00
MB12429 Music In The Baroque Era From Monteverdi To Bach Manfred F Bukofzer Delete15.00 15.00
MB16336 The World of Musical Comedy Delete10.00 10.00
MB12653 The Appreciation of Music III Delete40.00 40.00
GG15724 Stratford upon Avon Official Guide Delete10.00 10.00
MB24816 Historical Anthology Of Music Volume Two Baroque, Rococo And Pre-Classical Music Archibald T Davidson Willi Apel ISBN 0674393015 Delete25.00 25.00
GG15043 Hampstead Memories Delete10.00 10.00
SP25011 Fun In Cubbing A Book For Nine Year Old Cubs (The Scout Association of Australia) 1972 ISBN 0725501191X Delete15.00 15.00
MB20912 Australian Country Music David Latta Peter Brennan ISBN 0091825814 Delete20.00 20.00
MB17764 Twentieth-Century Music Delete40.00 40.00
MB16364 Essays By Goddard Lieberson Written Between 1948 And 1956 Delete40.00 40.00
MB17762 The Well-Tempered String Quartet Delete40.00 40.00
MB13982 At The Mighty Organ Geoffrey Wyatt ISBN 0902280228 used book Delete20.00 20.00
MB16334 25 Years Of Australian Opera (Twenty Five Years Of Australian Opera) Neil Warren-Smith with Frank Salter ISBN 0195544137 Delete15.00 15.00
TR24745 Daily Drills And Technical Studies For Trumpet Max Schlossberg Delete20.00 20.00
MB12941 Ghunyatu'l Munya The Earliest Persian Work On Indian Classical Music translated Shahab Sarmadee ISBN 8172111444 Delete30.00 30.00
GGA15474 Australia 1:250000 Map Series Gazetteer 1975 ISBN 0642005486 Delete20.00 20.00
MB16791 The Sydney Eisteddfod Story 1933-1941 Jennie Rowley Lees ISBN 9780975748336 Signed Copy Delete30.00 30.00
MB24368 The Rolling Stones It's Only Rock 'n' Roll The Stories Behind Every Song Steve Appleford ISBN 0732263042 Delete25.00 25.00
GG22048 Ordnance Survey Place Names on Maps of Scotland and Wales ISBN 0319002233 Delete25.00 25.00
MB8564 Hi-Fi Stereo Servicing Guide Robert G Middleton 1970 ISBN 0572007426 used book Delete25.00 25.00
SP25010 Now You Are A Cub A Book For Eight Year Old Cubs (The Scout Association of Australia) 1972 ISBN 0725501820 Delete15.00 15.00
SP23501 Fast Swimming Fish Kurrewa Frank and John Livingston Rod Meynink Signed Copy ISBN 1740184009 Delete25.00 25.00
SP23503 Tying And Fishing The Terrestrials Loring D Wilson First Edition 1978 ISBN 049802069X Delete25.00 25.00
MB11007 Great Days and Jolly Days The Story Of Girls' School Songs Celia Haddon ISBN 0340222301 Delete20.00 20.00
SP24137 The Melbourne Cup 1861-2000 Maurice Cavanough Rhett Kirkwood Brian Meldrum Book/CD ISBN 1863503773 Delete30.00 30.00
MB15641 Rock and Roll An Unruly History Robert Palmer ISBN 0517700506 The companion volume to the PBS Television Series of the same name Delete18.00 18.00
F14134 Gluck Orphee for Flute and Piano Delete8.00 8.00
MB17769 Early Recordings And Musical Style Changing Tastes In Instrumental Performance 1900-1950 Robert Philip ISBN 0521235286 Delete70.00 70.00
HC17807 Henry Purcell Keyboard Works Delete20.00 20.00
MB10738 Your Name's on the Door 10 Years Of Australian Music Tracee Hutchison ISBN 0733301150 Delete20.00 20.00
MB10515 A D'Oyly Carte Album A Pictorial Record Of The Gilbert And Sullivan Operas Roger Wood Delete18.00 18.00
GG15411 World Within A Borneo Story Tom Harrison Delete30.00 30.00
MB11180 The Heritage Of Vienna edited Karl Bittman ISBN 0959140409 Ex-Library copy Delete10.00 10.00
SP24138 Joe Weider's Bodybuilding System By Joe Weider ISBN 0945797001 Delete35.00 35.00
GG23089 The Medici Chapels and San Lorenzo English Travel Guide Bruno Santi Delete15.00 15.00
MB17957 Empire Of The Song Victorian Songs And Music Olivia Bailey Book CD ISBN 1840674687 Delete15.00 15.00
MB20323 Pipe Organs of Tasmania A Brief History Clark Johnson Revised Second Edition 1981 ISBN 095982491X Delete40.00 40.00
F14748 Solos For The Flute Player With Piano Accompaniment Louis Moyse Score and Part Delete15.00 15.00
MB16352 Moise et Pharaon Rossini Opera Festival 1997 Programme and Historical Information Guide Delete15.00 15.00
MB12910 Great God a' Mighty The Dixie Hummingbirds Celebrating The Rise Of Soul Gospel Music Jerry Zolten ISBN 0195152727 Delete20.00 20.00
MB24720 French Song From Berlioz To Duparc The Origin And Development Of The Melodie Fritz Noske Rita Benton ISBN 0486221040 2nd Edition 1970 used book Delete20.00 20.00
MB12953 Perfect Beat Vol 1 No. 1 Delete20.00 20.00

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