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Product Quantity Price Amount
Noren NR8019-Red Update Delete300.00 300.00
Noren NR8069(HIRAGANA Design) Update Delete250.00 250.00
Noren NR8092 Update Delete250.00 250.00
Noren NR8046 Update Delete200.00 200.00
Noren NR8078 Update Delete388.00 388.00
Noren NR8007 Update Delete260.00 260.00
Noren NR8097 Update Delete250.00 250.00
Noren NR8072 Update Delete250.00 250.00
Noren NR8115 Update Delete260.00 260.00
Noren NR01A38 Update Delete80.00 80.00
Noren NR8090 Update Delete350.00 350.00
Noren NR8111 Update Delete250.00 250.00
Noren NR8051 Update Delete200.00 200.00
Noren NR8114 Update Delete150.00 150.00
Noren NR8100 Update Delete320.00 320.00
Noren NR8026 Update Delete388.00 388.00
Kimono KIM1-AA Update Delete49.99 49.99
Kimono KIM1-Q Update Delete95.99 95.99
Kimono KIM1-O Update Delete79.99 79.99
Yukata KIM1-H Update Delete49.99 49.99
Yukata KIM1-M Update Delete55.99 55.99
Yukata KIM1-U(L) Update Delete44.00 44.00
Kimono KIM1-Y Update Delete79.99 79.99
Yukata KIM1-T(L) Update Delete44.00 44.00
Kimono KIM1-W Update Delete79.99 79.99
Yukata KIM1-T(LL) Update Delete44.00 44.00
Kimono KIM1-BB Update Delete55.99 55.99
Yukata KIM1-U(M) Update Delete44.00 44.00
Yukata KIM1-S Update Delete79.99 79.99
Yukata KIM1-R Update Delete65.99 65.99
Kimono KIM1-FF Update Delete62.00 62.00
Yukata KIM1-V Update Delete65.99 65.99
Yukata KIM1-P Update Delete65.99 65.99
Kimono KIM1-N Update Delete79.99 79.99
Kimono KIM1-EE Update Delete72.00 72.00
Yukata KIM1-DD Update Delete79.99 79.99
Yukata KIM1-CC Update Delete59.99 59.99
Yukata KIM1-L Update Delete49.99 49.99
Kokeshi Doll KO1041 Update Delete35.00 35.00
Kokeshi Doll KO1012 Update Delete22.60 22.60
Kokeshi Doll KO1046 Update Delete25.00 25.00
Kokeshi Doll KO1036 Update Delete29.90 29.90
Kokeshi Doll KO1024 Update Delete40.00 40.00
Kokeshi Doll KO1040 Update Delete22.40 22.40
Kokeshi Doll KO1002 Update Delete23.00 23.00
Kokeshi Doll KO1034 Update Delete35.00 35.00
Kokeshi Doll KO1043 Update Delete24.00 24.00
Kokeshi Doll KO1064 Update Delete12.00 12.00
Kokeshi Doll KO1014 Update Delete35.50 35.50
Kokeshi Doll KO1063 Update Delete12.00 12.00
Kokeshi Doll KO1026 Update Delete69.99 69.99
Kokeshi Doll KO1033 Update Delete27.00 27.00
Kokeshi Doll KO1065 Update Delete17.00 17.00
Kokeshi Doll KO1013 Update Delete33.00 33.00
Kokeshi Doll KO1009 Update Delete20.40 20.40
Kokeshi Doll KO1011 Update Delete22.60 22.60
Kokeshi Doll KO1007 Update Delete24.00 24.00
Kokeshi Doll KO1028 Update Delete82.00 82.00
Kokeshi Doll KO1025 Update Delete69.99 69.99
Kokeshi Doll KO1001 Update Delete32.50 32.50
Kokeshi Doll KO1006 Update Delete22.00 22.00

All prices are in US Dollars Subtotal 6,288.72
Shipping 1,895.62

TOTAL 8,184.34

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