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Product Quantity Price Amount
Samurai Kabuto Helmet SAM2 (92) Update Delete30.50 30.50
Samurai Set SAM4 (09) Update Delete91.25 91.25
Samurai Kabuto Helmet SAM1 (60) Update Delete47.99 47.99
Samurai Bow and Sword Set SAM3 (71) Update Delete48.00 48.00
Kakkome Rake (KAKK) Update Delete47.50 47.50
Coasters CST10(90) Update Delete10.99 10.99
Coasters CST4(01) Update Delete11.50 11.50
Coasters CST21 Update Delete15.99 15.99
Coasters CST9(90) Update Delete10.99 10.99
Coasters CST13(45) Update Delete15.99 15.99
Coasters CST14 Update Delete10.99 10.99
Coasters CST12(01) Update Delete11.50 11.50
Coasters CST16(90) Update Delete10.99 10.99
Coasters CST11(53) Update Delete6.99 6.99
Coasters CST20 Update Delete15.99 15.99
Coasters CST17(90) Update Delete10.99 10.99
Coasters CST15 Update Delete15.99 15.99
Quilting-like Coaster or flower vase CST23 Update Delete15.00 15.00
Coasters CST6(42) Update Delete5.99 5.99
Coasters CST3(12) Update Delete12.99 12.99
Coasters CST19 Update Delete12.99 12.99
Coasters CST22 Update Delete20.00 20.00
Coasters CST2(42) Update Delete5.99 5.99
Coasters CST8(90) Update Delete10.99 10.99
Coasters CST7(90) Update Delete10.99 10.99
Coasters CST1(23) Update Delete13.99 13.99
Noren NR1006 Update Delete220.00 220.00
Noren NR1003 Update Delete220.00 220.00
Noren NR1005 Update Delete220.00 220.00
Noren NR1001 Update Delete220.00 220.00
Noren NR1009 Update Delete220.00 220.00
Noren NR1008 Update Delete220.00 220.00
Noren NR1004 Update Delete220.00 220.00
Framed Miniature Kimono FMK1-C(14) Update Delete40.00 40.00
Framed Miniature Kimono FMK1-F(14) Update Delete40.00 40.00
Noren NR101 Update Delete32.00 32.00
Noren(Red Fukusuke) NR207 Update Delete17.00 17.00
Noren NR162 Update Delete60.00 60.00
Noren NR114 Update Delete150.00 150.00
Noren NR110 Update Delete80.00 80.00
Noren NR161 Update Delete60.00 60.00
Noren NR117 Update Delete32.00 32.00

All prices are in US Dollars Subtotal 2,574.07
Shipping 781.22

TOTAL 3,355.29

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